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Device Documentation

We have compiled various resources for you, your field representatives, and the healthcare professionals you work with routinely. The device documentation below includes downloadable CircuFlow® and ArterioFlow® product specification brochures as well as guides showing how to use our compression therapy products.  

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to request more training materials. 

CircuFlow®  5150 4-Chamber Lymphedema Compression Pump: Preparation for Use

CircuFlow® 5150 Product Specification Sheet

CircuFlow® 5150 Quick Set-Up Guide

CircuFlow® 5150 Instructions for Use (IFU) Guide

CircuFlow®  5200 4-Chamber Lymphedema Compression Pump

CircuFlow® 5200 Product Specification Sheet

CircuFlow® 5200 Quick Set-Up Guide

CircuFlow® 5200 Instructions for Use (IFU) Guide


CircuFlow®  5208 8-Chamber Lymphedema Compression Pump

CircuFlow® 5208 Product Specification Sheet

CircuFlow® 5208 Quick Set-Up Guide

CircuFlow® 5208 Instructions for Use (IFU) Guide

CircuFlow® Garments

CircuFlow® Garment Overview Sheet

CircuFlow® Garment Sizing Chart


ArterioFlow®  7500 Arterial Compression Pump

ArterioFlow® 7500 Product Specification Sheet

ArterioFlow® 7500 Quick Set-Up Guide

ArterioFlow® 7500 Instructions for Use (IFU) Guide